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Storyteller. Speaker. Life Strategist.

Don is a seasoned speaker and storyteller. His own journey with trauma, addiction, and cancer gives him a unique platform to connect with audiences. His compelling approach combined with his soul-bearing perspective keeps audiences captivated.

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Cancer. Trauma. Addiction. Faith.

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Don Corcoran speaks life for all of us. He gives us insight into what is truly important on this journey. What a gift.

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Actor on CW's 'Black Lightning'

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a Podcast Series

~ Experience the cancer journey through the eyes of the traveler ~

Don will be talking with those who have gone through the cancer journey, are currently walking it, and to those who have traveled it with loved ones.

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My Girl

When a vibrant 2-year-old girl goes to see the doctor for a fever the last thing any parent expects to hear is the word 'cancer.' That is what happened for Don's brother-in-law, Kyle Riley, almost 19 years ago. Brittany was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in January of 2002. Kyle and his wife, Jill, spent the next two and a half years navigating Brittany's treatment, but the cancer journey as parents doesn't just end when the treatment does.


Remembering Jason

When Jason Brown passed away 24 years ago from liver cancer his story was far from over. The love, passion, and faith of his family has kept his legacy alive.

Garden Soil


I Love My Yard

While the recording of this episode came from Don's Path to Life fundraiser in March 2019, the story originated much earlier. In September of 2018, just a month after receiving his diagnosis of Myleodysplastic Syndrome and just weeks after his first round of chemo, Don walked into his first Story Night at Montana Gallery. Not knowing if he would share or, if so, what he would share he took the stage and the result was his first story, 'I Love My Yard.'

A story of family, cancer, and the things we hold dear.


The Caregiver

When Paul Jones' wife, Tami, took a fall down the garage stairs on a Thursday in 2013, he had no way of knowing that within one short week they would be facing a terminal diagnosis of glioblastoma. Listen as Paul shares the story of Tami's fierce strength and their enduring faith. Hear the cancer journey through the eyes of the caregiver.

Holding Hands


Champion Mindset

Sandy McClure was the first person that came to mind when Don began the Time Machine Podcast. He and his family watched as she walked her journey with breast cancer just a  few short years before. When she received her diagnosis of  invasive ductal carcinoma on July 13, 2015, Sandy was already known for her fighting spirit and incredible mindset -- a cancer diagnosis would not alter that, even in uncharted waters.


Slapstick Cancer

Will Goodridge is a musician, improver, and entertainer here in Billings, MT. At 21 he started his own troupe, but his comedy roots date back to his youth. Will was 14 when he was diagnosed with cancer -- listen as he shares how he and his family used humor to cope as they walked their cancer journey.

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One Easter Morning

Roy Brown was only five years old when his mother discovered a lump in his belly. That was Easter morning 1975. After surgery removed the mass along with his left kidney, spleen, and part of his pancreas he was sent to continue treatment in the Children's Hospital of Stanford University in Palo Alto. Now, almost five decades later, he is able to share his story with us.


And if not . . .

JD Shanahan is a husband and father of two -- who walked the cancer journey through the eyes of his firstborn son, Jeremy.

Listen to his powerful story of faith, family, and loss.

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Déjà vu

Déjà vu: the feeling that one has lived through the present situation before. The phrase literally translates as "already seen."

Kay Pearson first received a diagnosis of Stage 3 melanoma in 2005. And, despite the spread being missed, she survived - an uncommon occurrence with melanoma. But her cancer journey didn't end there when, in 2011, Kay was diagnosed with breast cancer. Listen in as she shares her story and how she survived not one but two bouts with cancer.


Deep Waters

This episode comes from a story Don shared on March 21, 2019, during a time when his family was in what they like to refer to as the 'deep waters.' It is a powerful look into seemingly hopeless situations and how people choose to respond. We hope it speaks to you in current circumstances.

Dark Ocean



Rachel Hamilton was a senior in high school when she was diagnosed with liver cancer -- a very rare occurrence in someone her age. After weeks of treatment in and out of state her doctor determined nothing else could be done and she was sent home on hospice. But her story didn't end there. Listen to hear her amazing story.


Choose for Me

Ken McCallum was a pastor for 40 years, serving in ministry for more than 60 years. When he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of colon cancer he saw some of the darkest periods in his life. Listen as he shares how his faith saw him through those times.

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Beating the Buzzer

As a high level athlete in her prime, Marissa was diagnosed with leukemia during her senior year. Listen as she shares how she used her athleticism and knowledge of nutrition as she walked her cancer journey -- and how she found her silver lining afterward.


A Lasting Impact

Buddy Neese's mother, Rosa, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in December of 2008. Her experience battling the disease off and on for seven years would lead her to create an organization aimed at helping those facing travel expenses associated with major medical issues. Listen as Buddy shares his mother's dreams and the lasting impact she has had on hundreds of families.

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Wake Up & Lace Up

Cindy Reid is a married mother of four who received her diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia in April of 2010. She used her journey to create a powerful engine for helping others. Wake Up Lace Up is an organization that strives to impact the lives of those in the Eastern Montana community battling cancer.


Pilot - The Time Machine

 . . . where it all began.

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